Mysteries Around Casinos

Jun 13, 2023 Casino Game

Casinos have been part of our societies for many decades. As an example, in Portugal, the first space of this type was inaugurated in 1928, with the aim of entertaining and providing excellent moments for players.

Naturally, over these long years, several moments and events took place in these spaces, leading to stories, legends and even mysteries.

This last point is precisely the subject of this article. Here, we will introduce you to some of the unsolved mysteries that have taken place in different casinos around the world. So, venture out, be intrigued and let us stay with your theory, which may explain some of these mysteries.


The first case we present to you concerns the night of March 20, 1992, in which George Tsolakis, married and the father of three children, disappeared without a trace. His car was found covered in snow outside Foxwoods Casino in Ledyard. Place where, according to witnesses, George had been and would have earned a considerable amount of money.

It should be noted that George had a large debt, due to non-payment of taxes and unsuccessful business, risking even being arrested. Did this one see his escape in that night’s profit in

The most curious thing is that, when the police tried to access the images from video surveillance cameras, guess what, they had been erased, and it was not even possible to confirm the presence of George in that game space.

But how could George have managed to escape without any vehicle and in such adverse weather conditions? What is certain is that more than 20 years have passed and the mystery remains.


On November 9, 2003, at 4 am, one of the employees of Horizon Casino, Mississippi, went to the service entrance to take a short break, when he was surprised by an armed assailant. The latter, masked, threatened to kill him so that he would let him in and lead him to the cash register, where his colleagues worked.

In addition, the assailant informed them that he had set up two bombs and that he would blow up the entire building if they did not give him all the money there. It is estimated that, in total, the thief managed to take more than 60 thousand euros.

The most interesting thing about this story, and what distinguishes it from most robberies, is that a few hours before the robbery there had been a warning of a bomb in another part of the city. The authorities consider that all this was nothing more than a scheme aimed at deceiving and occupying sg ewallet casino the means of intervention, while this thief carried out his coup.

More than 15 years have passed and the identity of the assailant remains a mystery.


On May 3, 1996, the couple Gail and Bobby, along with another couple of friends, decided to spend a weekend playing jackpots. To do so, they settled at the Cactus Pete casino resort in Nevada. The following night, when Bobby and his colleagues decided to return to their rooms to rest, Gail chose to stay, this decision turning out to be fatal.

The next morning, when her husband and friends woke up, there was no trace of Gail, either in the room or in the entire resort . After calling the police and starting the search, they finally found Gail’s body, abandoned in a lot.

In her body, signs of aggression were found, with a blow to the head and a cut throat. In addition, investigators began to notice a strange calm in Bobby, unusual for someone who had lost his wife. After checking his history, they found that he had already been married 5x and that his relationship with Gail was very bad.

However, no evidence was ever found that Bobby was guilty of such a gruesome crime and he died in 2000, taking with him any possible clues.

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